Extended School Day Classroom Staff Assistant [ESP2010] (ESP2010)

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TitleExtended School Day Classroom Staff Assistant [ESP2010]
Posting IDESP2010

Title: Classroom Staff Assistant I 

Classification Title: Extended School Day Classroom Staff Assistant

Calendar: A, School Days

ESP Salary Schedule: Range 20 Step 1

Hours: 5/Day, 25/Week

Location: T.O. Smith Elementary



Under the Extended School Day (ESD) Site Coordinator, the Extended School Day Assistant will be directly involved in planning and assisting the operations of the ESD program. 


*Assist the ESD Site Coordinator in planning managing Program/ Specific duties may include the following tasks listed. 




  • Track attendance, participation, student progress, and grant data using Ovation, Panorama and spreadsheets.
  • Ensure the reporting and analysis of the data is in line with the grant requirements and assist with required reports.
  • Learn (cross-train) all the roles of ESD programs and be available to substitute when necessary.
  • Collaborate with school and ESD staff to plan lessons and prepare club activities. 
  • Attend Collaborative Team Meetings (CTM), trainings, and conferences related to the ESD program.
  • Maintain a stable, safe and well-disciplined environment with set expectations for both youth and staff.
  • Provide direct supervision of all youth, ensure a child is never left alone.
  • Work with the assigned site according to the necessary schedule, be considerate of time management and time off requests, and work with a positive attitude.
  • Communicate with Site Coordinator in regards to all successes and challenges, on a continuous basis.
  • Answer telephone and greet public
  • Guide students through computer generated career exploration assessment.
  • Monitor and reinforce behavioral interventions and programs as outlined.
  • Assist in teaching social/academic skills.
  • Supervise children in the playground.
  • Mediate arguments, fights between students.
  • Notify supervisor of serious rule infractions/incidents.
  • Administer minor first aid.
  • Enforce school rules.
  • Escort students to and from the playground.
  • Distributes playground equipment and storage.
  • Supervise students and intervene when socially appropriate.
  • Assist with bilingual/monolingual children in understanding classroom material.
  • Tutor students (with English deficiencies) in small groups and/or individually in reading, writing, and speaking English, etc.
  • Administer tests at beginning and end of school year; records data on student progress as required by supervisors, as assigned.




  • 48 college credit hours or a passing score on the ParaPro test
  • Six (6) months of related experience
  • Spanish speaking preferred but not required




  • Spanish speaking; technology skills in Google Suite, Panorama, Aspire, and Ovation; strong interpersonal skills, quality organizational skills, data entry and analysis skills, experience in school settings, excellent writing, speaking and listening skills, experience in planning and creating lesson plans, experience working with children.  




  • The job occasionally requires light physical exertion including walking, standing, motor vehicle operation and other forms of light physical activity.
  • The job occasionally requires a moderate level of physical exertion such as handling medium weight materials (11-50 pounds), extensive standing, walking, crawling, bending, stooping or climbing, or assisting special education students with their physical needs.
  • Work is carried out in an agreeable environment as generally represented by normal office conditions and little or no unpleasant elements.
  • Work is occasionally carried out in mildly disagreeable conditions.  Work involves exposure to unpleasant elements such as noise, ventilation, crowded nature of work, exposure to outside weather conditions, pressures related to sensitive situations, sitting;/standing in one position for an extended period of time, etc., that yield a perceptible level of discomfort.
  • Typically involves contact with students, parents, teachers, principal, assistant principal and/or other staff members.


Shift TypePart-Time
Salary Range$14.37 / Per Hour
LocationT.O. Smith Elementary

Applications Accepted

Start Date06/09/2021

Job Contact

NameCarrie MaxsonTitleEquity & Access Supervisor